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Portuguese Books...buying them!

I want to buy a copy of The Alchemist in Portuguese, so that I can translate it in my own time, just for fun.

I can't work out how to do it!!!!

I found the Brazilian version of AMAZON....try googling that! They actually have AMAZON for real in Brazil!! That was no good...all the books seem to be in kindle versions! (and I already "found" lots of those)....Then I found a site called SUBMARINO...which was cool...but didn't seem to want to send books outside Brazil....and didn't seem to have 2nd hand books or take paypal?

Can anyone help? Perhaps we could set up some kind of DUOLINGO book club for swapping books in different languages?

July 6, 2013



Hi there JCMcGee. have you tried Portuguese online bookstores? I'm pretty sure we don't adapt Brazilian books to European Portuguese (I can check in the meantime). It will probably be faster and cheaper for you, providing they ship to your country, of course.

Some online bookstores I happen to know (there might be more):

Hope that helps.


Brilliant. Thank you.


Have you taken a look at http://www.bookdepository.com/ ? They have tons of books, and, best of all, they offer free delivery worldwide. Regards.


A few months ago I asked a crazy question in my local library here in England, I asked "Excuse me, do you have any books in Portuguese?"

The answer: "Of course we do!"....they have a whole shelf full...and even a section in the children's library.

"Library's are the path out of the ghetto"


Eu quero comprar "A Quinta Montanha" em portugues. Estou em Nampa, ID

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