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  5. "Vi tar av oss skorna."

"Vi tar av oss skorna."

Translation:We take off our shoes.

November 25, 2014



Really? The phrase doesn't have "vår" or "våra" in it. I see it more like a "We take the shoes off"


It's the common way of telling you're taking something off. Ta av sig is the reflexive construction used in these situation.


You could say "Vi tar av oss våra skor", but it is not necessary, since it is implicit that it is ones own's shoes that is being taken off. I can also tell another person to take of his/her/your shoes: Ta av dig skorna (also a famous swedish song by Povel Ramel) - it would feel 'too much' to point out that it is 'your shoes' - Ta av dig dina skor - even if it is possible. It is mostly if you want to point out that it is 'your own' shoes you should take off, not e.g. your daughter's or friend's shoes.


Reminds me of this awesome/awful joke about a woman who tells a man to "take off my heels, take off my dress, now take off my bra... if I ever catch you wearing my clothes again, you're fired!"


After doing a quick Google search, I found the joke in its entirety ( http://www.ba-bamail.com/content.aspx?emailid=20513 ).


Well, maybe they shoes do not belong to the "us" in the sentence but they are on "our" feet (vi tar av oss...).


Also heard that. Maybe the audio is a bit funny?


Why are shoes in the definitive form? Why not skor?


Because it is 'our' shoes, it is the 'possessive' feeling that makes it a defined noun, not something undefined.


So... could I say "Dessa är mina skorna?". Since I am the one who possesses the shoes?


No, in your sentence the possessive pronoun 'mina' is enough to make the shoes definite, so no definite article (suffix) is added to the noun 'skor'.


våra gyllene skor?


Could this be used like an informative sentence? As in, when going into somebodies house they might say 'we take our shoes off here'? Is taking shoes off indoors popular in Sweden?


Yes, it can be used that way. Most people take their shoes off indoors in people's homes in Sweden.


Good, cause I hate when people walk around someone's home with their shoes on.


Thank you very much! And I will keep that in mind!


why boots not accepted?


boots = kängor, or stövlar

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