"There are several open restaurants."

Translation:Det finns flera öppna restauranger.

November 25, 2014

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Why do you have to say det finns but you can't say det är?


I think it's just to have a distinction between when something has a certain trait and when something exists in a certain state. After all, "Det finns" literally means "it exists," so saying "Det finns flera öppna restauranger," is literally saying "Several open restaurants exist," or "There are several open restaurants." If you were saying something like "The restaurant is open," you would use "det är" because it's more for when something possesses a certain trait.


I think "många" is rather "many", not "several". "många restauranger" should not be accepted in the multiple choice answer.


I've removed that answer now.


why not "de" it is plural


I second this question. Can someone explain why it isn't "de?"


"There is..." and "there are..." = "det finns" in Swedish. No matter how many of them there are.


Is there a difference in saying "öppna restauranger" and--if possible--restauranger öppna"? If you were looking down the street and you saw several possibilities to choose, as opposed to if it were after 10 p.m. and you were expecting to see most restaurants closed already--and several were indeed still open?


I want to say yes you could say that too, but it might be English coloring my Swedish.

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