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  5. "Vil du gerne skære kødet?"

"Vil du gerne skære kødet?"

Translation:Would you like to cut the meat?

November 25, 2014



Why not: "Would you please cut the meat"?


I think that's something like "Vil du venligst skære kødet? / Vil du være så venligt, at skære kødet?" The one thing that confounded me when I started learning Danish was that there was no direct translation of 'please' :os


Because I think that is: Må jeg bede dig til at skære kødet.


Could you not allow 'carve' for this?


I think "to carve" means the same thing and is used in the same context in both languages. We say "carve" the meat more often than "cut" the meat. In fact "cut the meat" though correct, sounds foreign to me.


Why is "Slice" not allowed. I even looked it up in a dictionary and the first translation for the verb "slice" was "skære".

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