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Self-Determined Weakest Words

I am a bit confused by Duolingo's assessment of weakest words, honestly, since ALL of my vocabulary list is considered "strong" while I KNOW that I'm not confident with some of them. Is there any way to specifically mark a word as being weak, even if the Duolingo system says otherwise?

July 6, 2013



I decided to write down the words I was weakest in. However, I couldn't remember them.



"Strong", according to Duolingo's algorythim, means "Used recently". The system is not meant to let you know which words you are less confident with, but which words you use less frequently (and as a consequence, you will easily forget them, so they give you the possibility to train them). But, is would be amazing to have the possibility to mark the words you want to improve. Many users have already suggested it, so perhaps they will include that in a future update. Who knows?

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