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"Does the boy have a dog or a cat?"

Translation:An bhfuil madra nó cat ag an mbuachaill?

November 25, 2014



So, I just looked this up in all of my (growing) personal Irish Library resources ... and some online resources (wiktionary) and found that if I translate this to the best of my ability ... in a very literal sense ... it means:
Exists dog or cat (possession, at) the boy?


Look at another sentence for comparison:

Tá madra nó cat ag an mbuachaill The boy has a dog or a cat

To turn this into a question ("Is it the case that the boy has a dog or a cat?"), we take away the and replace it with An bhfuil.


oh wow, thanks, that helps!


My answer was "Cád atá madra nó cat ag an mbuachaill?" Why is that wrong?


Does anyone have some guidance for me on when to use "atá" and when to use "bhfuil"? Because right now, I'm doing it at mostly random.

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