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  5. "Ha fatto un buon discorso."

"Ha fatto un buon discorso."

Translation:He gave a good speech.

July 6, 2013



Shouldn't it be: "Ha pronunciato un buon discorso." ?


Since this is present perfect, would "has made" or "has given" also work?


mm I have a question here, if we think that someone has to write a speech and once he has finished writing the speech, we can say "he made a good speech", and after he gives the speech we can say "he gave a good speech", so at least we have more information we can use both, correct?


"he made a good speech" means that "he gave a good speech" - it does not mean that he wrote a good speech.


why should 'he had made - he gave' be accepted while 'he had given' should not? After all, perfect tense is accepted, as is the verb 'give', which is, of course, the most 'natural' verb to use with speech...


Why can it not be "He had a good discussion" when one of the listed correct answers is "He had a good conversation"?


"Discussion" is in the listed hints, but not accepted by DL. I had the same problem.


Maybe because fatto means he 'made' a speech, which wouldn't work with discussion?


He delivered a good speech.

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