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The sound letter "d"

I have noticed that some Portuguese words like "verde" and "de" the letter "d" sounds like the Englesh "g". and in the word "obrigado" it has the english "d" sound. Is there a rule to this?

July 6, 2013



Yes, there is a rule. If the letter "d" is followed by i it sounds like "g". That's why you listen to "dia" like"gee - ah". Plus, if the word ends in "de" it sounds like "di" (gee) When it is followed by the other vowels the sound is normal, like a normal "d".


Thanks, It looks simple now... I guess the same rule applies when the letter "T" sounds like "chee"


Linguists call this palatalization (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palatalization). My name is David but in Rio I'm called Davidgee :-) It is a regional thing in Brazil though - my friends in Recife pronounce words without these effects or they are much less obvious in their speech.


I'm trying to learning Portuguese before heading to Portugal. I would love the option of selecting a voice with that accent.

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