"Han gråter efter festen."

Translation:He cries after the party.

November 25, 2014



Too much alcohol + sauna...

December 6, 2014


How popular is sauna in Sweden? Is it like an everyday thing or a special occasion thingy or monthly...?

August 27, 2015


Its's more popular in Finland since it's from there, my parents go to sauna everyday and almost every house has a sauna here

November 10, 2017


Dictionary: Defenition, Posh: this comment

April 2, 2019


I guess it depends on how accessable it is. They have had saunas in all of the gyms I've gone to.

June 1, 2016


Saunas are common, but not even remotly close to how common they are in Finland. :) They were more popular in the 1980s.

April 2, 2019


Det är honom fest, han kan gråta om han vill? :D

December 9, 2014


Hans fest?

June 26, 2015


Hans fest.

December 17, 2018


gråta om han vill.

December 10, 2014


I can picture English speakers saying "he cries after parties", or "he cried after the party", but "he cries after the party" is difficult to picture a use-case for. Is it just as weird in Swedish? If so, these might be more normal: Han gråter efter fester. Han grät efter festen.

November 10, 2015


Well, Duolingo is more meant to train grammar and vocabulary than to be used as a phrasebook, so you might run into some sentences you might not have much direct use for.

Your translations are both correct though.

December 17, 2018


What would cried be in swedish.. Gråtade?

August 21, 2015


Past tense of "gråta" is "grät".

October 26, 2017


When I click on the word it tells me it means crying cries but it does not say anything about the word weep so when I put cries in it told me it was wrong and said that the correct one was weep.

October 1, 2017


The hints take all possible translations from the word from all possible contexts in Duolingo, so I don't think there's room for all translations of the word to show up in one hint. "Weeps" (not "weep", that's plural) and "cries" are both correct though.

December 17, 2018


I put "He cries after the fest." Can anyone explain to me why this is wrong?

September 16, 2018


I hear English speakers say party and also festival but I don't hear them say fest. I see it exists as a borrowing but in that case I say it looks like a false friend:

September 16, 2018


Varför han gråtar efter festen? Festen är så bra!

January 10, 2017


Varför gråter han (subject-verb inversion in questions) efter festen? Festen var så bra (crying after the party implies the party is already over, so past tense is more fitting)!

December 17, 2018
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