"He has a long snake."

Translation:Han har en lång orm.

November 25, 2014

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Is that a euphemism?


Probably. The course had a contributor a very long time ago that joined, added a lot of "hurr durr" euphemistic sentences, then quit.


Well, I guess that is a good thing??


Sounds like the English "worm", but without the "w".


"Orm" is an English word. It means "snake" or "dragon".


Is that regional? I have never heard it used in English, and it's not in any of the dictionaries I checked. The word "worm" is derived from Old English "wurm".


I refer you to Notes And Queries, Number 194, July 16th 1853, which talks of place names in Norfolk. "...both of these names are distinctly different from the name Orme or Orm, which, in our old language signifies a serpent and also a worm. The famous ship on board of which King Olaf Tryygveson was killed in the year 1000 was called Ormen hin lange, I.E. the long serpent."

Orm was still used in Norfolk when I was a lad but now everyone speaks American English. I miss the old words.

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