"The boy runs from the man."

Translation:Pojken springer från mannen.

November 25, 2014

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Can you please explain me when do we use 'ifrån' and when 'från'? Tack!


Late answer, but från is a preposition but ifrån is an adverb/a verb particle. Colloquially, we also use ifrån as a version of the preposition från but not the other way around.
There's a particle verb springa ifrån 'run away from' where ifrån is always stressed. It would actually have made more sense to teach that sentence instead, but the difference is minimal in this case.

If we take clearer examples, you can say ett brev från mamma 'a letter from mom' and it isn't wrong per se to say ifrån instead, but it makes your text very much more colloquial.
But in the case of some particle verbs, like hon gick ifrån sin man 'she left her husband' or 'she walked away from her husband', if you switch ifrån into från, the meaning changes into 'she walked from her husband'.


so basicly, atleast as a way to remember it, you use ifran insentences where you can use AWAY from and fran when it is just from. (?)


Does that mean he runs away from him ?


Does "av" not work for "från"? What is the usage of "av" as "from" then?


Av can have the same meaning as från in some cases, but not here. You can't say The boy runs of/off the man in English either.


Thanks. I must have made a typo in my notes.

I have "av" written down as meaning "of, from, by, off" but this list has "av" as only meaning "of or by." This one also fails to list "av" as meaning "for," but it's in fact not on the list at all.


It can mean from in some cases, (eg Jag fick den av dig – 'I got it from you') this is one of our most frequent prepositions and it gets lots and lots of different meanings. But the main ones would be of, off and by. It's hard or impossible to learn all prepositional meanings at once, it's better to try to pick up a general idea first and learn many examples, I think.


For some reason i immediatly thought that the man in this sentence is a child abductor.


Me too. Or worse...


The app itself showed me rinner and springer for run. Why is rinner wrong here?


rinner is just about the way liquids 'run'. People cannot 'rinna'.


Oh okay that makes sense Tack!


Although it might make sense, "löper" is usually used with competitive and/or long-distance running.


I see! Thank you :)


question: with 'the man' when are you meant to put the accent and when are you not? like I always forget to use the accent when needed but always put it when it's not needed.


It's considered a different letter, with a different vowel sound. The plurals of man/mannen are män/männen. Some words are weird like that.


Why does it tell me that "killen" is right when I write "pojkerna" (which I know is also wrong here)?


Cause killen means the kid such as pojken

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