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"Vi tycker om fisken och citronen."

Translation:We like the fish and the lemon.

November 25, 2014



This sentence sounds (to an English speaker) like it is just listing items that we like. However, fish flavored with lemon is a common and tasty dish. Is this sentence merely a grammatical exercise in using definite, or is it implying a more connected fish and lemon dish? i.e. " I like A, and B." or does it imply, " I like A and B together."?


I like this sentence because it is not something I would say.

I would say, "I like fish and lemon", which is wrong. It reminds me to translate what I see or hear, not what I think I see or hear.


Everybody in sweden says "gillar no one says tycker om


Tons of people say "tycker om".


This sentence makes no sense in English as we do not use "the" unless we are listing things. It is a frustrating adjustment.


The sentence makes no sense to a Swedish speaker...out of context. Just go with it.


Why is the "och" pronounced like "o" instead of "ok" here? Is the k sound omitted before an s sound? Is there a rule to it?


"Och" is often shortened to just an "å" in speech.


Is Vi usually pronounced like there's a nasal tone to it ? The second letter i sounds like it's an octave above.


I can’t hear a pitch difference and it’s typically not nasal but it’s more fronted than the English ”ee”-sound.


change with "vi tycker inte om fisken och citronen"


This got accepted as an answer and that is wrong!

"Ve tycker om fisken och citronen"

it was also heard like the voice said:

"V tycker om fisken och citronen"

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