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  5. "Jag ser genom dig."

"Jag ser genom dig."

Translation:I see through you.

November 25, 2014



I hope no one ever says this to me


I think that is the official Swedish greeting for the those "very special guest" on Alla Helgons Dag. "Hej mormorsmor, jag ser genom dig"


Mormors mor! Do you mean you can see through her because she is a ghost!


No one ever said that to me in any language but some people had good guesses about some things about me which I found creepy...


you're not kevin bacon, right? ;-)


Is this meant to be literal? Seeing through someone has an idiomatic meaning in English.


It has the same meaning in Swedish, although we've also got a verb for this: genomskåda. "Jag genomskådar dig".


Ingen får se, djupt inom dig, låt de inte genomskåda dig...that makes sense now!


Visa ingenting, vad du än gör... allt är förstört!


Slå dig loss, slå dig fri, den tiden den är förbi. Slå dig loss, slå dig fri, vänd dig om, det får bli din sorti.


Och aldrig mer ska någon säga "Nej" Släpp den storm du bär Lite snö bar väl aldrig stört mig


sorry but i even do not get the meaning of English phrase! what does really "i see through you" mean? does it mean someone helps me to see something by providing a condition? it looks like to get used just in poems! if I'm wrong please some one correct me. Tack!


It is an expression that basically means You can't fool me (because I know you so well).


well, thank you mate. didn't know that.


In the Russian it has the same meaning: "Я вижу тебя насквозь.".


Polish: "Widzę cię na wskroś". :)


Same in German: Ich durchschaue dich. Though that might not be surprising as Swedish and German have quite some things in common...


In French, different expression for same meaning : "Je lis en toi comme dans un livre ouvert." Which means "I read through you like an open book"


Tllh-- English also has the expression "to read somebody like an open book"


Hungarian: "Átlátok rajtad."


Or Я вижу сквозь тебя it is the same


No, it is not the same! That means i see through you, because i disrespekt you so much, that i do not see you or i do not want to see you, when i look at you. I am just not noting you. You are just not existig for me in that moment. As if hust won't be standing hier.


Last sentence: As if you just won't be standing hier.


For example, you're saying or doing something that is false, but you're pretending that it's something different/true. Maybe like a friend who says everything is really good - but you can see that they're in a bad way. Or a salesman who tries to sell you something, saying it's great etc - but you know they just want your name on their list for a better pay cheque. In both examples you can say 'I can see through you'. Or in a movie when some people are dressed in different clthes and are trying to rob a bank, they might say to each other 'if they see through our disguise it will be really bad'


it's nearly the same in german


Jag ser genom dig, därför att jag vet ditt genom.

I see through you, because I know your genome.

[deactivated user]

    Imagine someone in a horror movie whispering this.


    No, this means "I am not fooled by you, because I know you so well."


    How would you say I see right through you?


    Jag ser rätt (i)genom dig. The i is optional.


    Ah great thanks!


    the sound of g genom is y or v or what?


    It is "y" as in yes.


    When I play the fest version of the sentense I hear "...jenomumdej." So it is an "um"-sound between "genom" and "dig". Is it only me? :)


    It sounds good to me, possibly there's some slight noise after genom but I don't hear it as an extra syllable.


    Google Translate gives "igenom" (Jag ser igenom dig.) When would "igenom" vs. "genom" be used?


    As prepositions, they are in most cases interchangeable. Like here. But you cannot use genom as a verb particle. E.g. gå igenom in the abstract sense: Vi går igenom instruktionerna 'We are going through the instructions' – here igenom is a particle (=always stressed) and cannot be replaced with genom. But if you'd say 'Vi går genom skogen', 'We go through the woods', genom is a preposition; igenom would also work, and it's a preposition so it's not stressed.


    Why is I am seeing through you incorrect?


    kibranoz, verbs of perception (see, hear, feel) often do not use the -ing form.


    Jag ser genom dig? konstigt för mig.


    igenom would probably be more idiomatic.


    Ser is seeing. But it is saying can see. I hope this is wrong


    "I see through you" is the translation. You can't always translate word for word.


    can see is another accepted answer. This is because you tend to use can sometimes in cases where it would just be implied in Swedish. So if you say in English I can see the stars that could be Jag kan se stjärnorna in Swedish, but in many cases we'd just say Jag ser stjärnorna. This is just a difference in how the languages are used in practice.


    but you can say 'i see the stars' and it makes sense, so i dont get your point


    It does not make a sense :¡


    It is an expression. When someone pretends not to care, but you know them well enough and you see through the person's facade. You know they really do care. I am not fooled by you, because I know you so well. "I see through you."


    Kan jag säger:

    I see by you


    That wouldn't work. "I see through you." is an expression in English and in Swedish and is explained above. Please scroll up. (jarrettph)


    When ( genom) have (across) meaning? Can anyone give me a sentence that :gemon" means (across) in it,?


    Here's one Wiktionary provides:

    • Poesin talar genom tidsåldrarna
    • The poetry speaks across the ages


    https://youtu.be/RtjOOAAbu3M I ain't gonna blind.. I sée through you :)


    Ska skaffa mig ansluten!


    you know that I see right through you! just when I thought that I knew you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtoQ80o-3tI


    "Ska bli ansluten". "Skaffa mig" means "get" in the sense of acquiring something. Also I'm not certain what context "connected" is supposed to have in the song, but "kopplad" may be a better translation. "Ansluten" brings to mind connecting for example a speaker or to the internet.


    And how it will be in Swedish the directly meaning : I see through something or someone and the meaning is i do not see you (the meaning: don't want to see you) . And how: i see through the window? Please.


    The window one is jag ser genom fönstret, but I don't really understand the first one so I can't translate it.


    I think Saga514001 is asking if there is a Swedish phrase that might correlate to the English idiom you're dead to me, but using the see through you vocabulary. Meaning, I am looking past you, not bothering to look at you, you don't even exist for me to look at. It is a very harsh insult.


    I wouldn’t use the phrase that way. But it does say that ‘Genom’ alternatively means ‘Across’ so maybe it can be used like that but it certainly would be harsh. I see through people in the way as in I see through your physical body form, through your eyes and into your soul where the true you is. A natural ability! That is the only way I can see this phrase being used, unless you are a ghost Lol


    Wouldn't "I see through it" (Jag ser genom det) sound the same?


    dig ends in a soft glide sound, but det does not. They're much harder for natives to confuse than you'd think.


    Yeah, I figured it out now. Thanks!


    How would Swedish differentiate between "I see through it" and "I see it through", which have different meanings in English?


    The latter is an idiom in English that we don't have directly in Swedish, so we'd use a different phrase altogether.


    Ah OK, and thanks for the prompt response :-)

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