"She is an actress."

Translation:Hon är skådespelerska.

November 25, 2014

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I can never, EVER spell turtle or actor in swedish, just too hard.


Perhaps this will help. It did for me.

Sköld=shield padda=toad.

Somehow thinking of it as a shield toad instead of a turtle, makes it easier for me to remember the spelling. Also it's an amazing visual visual!


Why not en skådespelare?


In Swedish, a nationality, profession, religion, ideology, or some other social "label" that's supposed to define the role a person plays in a community does not receive an article after verb to be.


I have also found the words aktör and aktris to describe an actor and actress. What is the difference between aktör/skådespelare and aktris/skådespelerska? I also know that skådis is also a popular word for actor, since skådespelare and skådespelerska are too long ;)


Yes, 'skådis' is used for both females and males and is used almost like slang/informally.

The words 'aktör' and 'aktris' are not used in everyday swedish to describe such professions (maybe if you work at a theather you do?) The 'aktör' is more common to be used like this:

"Företaget är en aktör på byggmarknaden - The company is an actor in the building market"

Read more: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/akt%C3%B6r http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/aktris


Does that word decompose into other word? I can see "speler" related to playing? And "ska" as a suffix but...what do they mean and what is "skåde"?


"Skåda" means to behold. A "skåde"-spel is a game put on for show. A "skåde"-spelare is someone who makes a skådespel.


so what does "-ska" mean?


I think it shows that it's a feminine word. skådespelare is the male form and skådespelerska the femal one. I don't know why though but it's the same suffix for sjuksköterska (nurse) for example


Is it as correct in Swedish to call a female actor "skådespelare" instead of "skådespelarska", as it is in English to call a female actor an "actor" instead of an "actress"?


Yes. You can call a female actor skådespelare, but I think skådespelerska is the more common.

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