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  5. "Han är präst."

"Han är präst."

Translation:He is a priest.

November 25, 2014



where is the "a" or "en"?


Swedish doesn't need one. A lot of languages use this model.


Yup. But it's totally okay to use it. At least when speaking it is probably used a lot without anyone noticing.


I never heard an r sound in präst. Should it be there?


It is there, but it's very subtle so it's understandable a non-native would miss it. Unfortunately I'm not good enough at describing pronunciations to elaborate on how exactly it sounds.


Balderdash! There is no R. I would say that it is a subtle hint that priests are like the plague if it was not because there are some many words that are incorrectly pronounced. Okej, there actually is an R there, but it really should be a bit longer, compare with the pronunciation of “prästar”.


It is my understanding that Sweden is primarily Lutheran. Do Lutherans have priests? What are the words for minister or clergy?


why is it that sometimes it is shown that the discussion has some comments, but in reality it has none?

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