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"Vargen vet att björnen sover."

Translation:The wolf knows that the bear sleeps.

November 25, 2014



In English, the "that" in this sentence is optional. Is it the same in Swedish with "att" or is it required for a gramatically correct sentence?


Swedish needs the "att".


Is this a saying in Swedish or just a random phrase? It seems like it could be a phrase kind of like how in Swedish there are things like "Köp inte grisen i säcken" or "Ingen fara pa taket"?


definitely sounds like a viking proverb :D


I was wondering the same thing myself.


Does it work as a relative pronoun? Or is it like the "dass" in german?


But does he know whether she is asleep at the moment? Do bears sleep with one eye open? Much more useful for the wolf to know that the bear is asleep, and that is likely to be what the sentence means. DL usually accepts "is sleeping" but, whenever I have tried "is asleep", everything goes red!


Då vargen kan chilla i skogen i lugn och ro ... :)


Sounds like a spy message


I answered the wolf kniws that the bear is sleeping . I was marked wrong. Im sure that is sleeping is acceptable as well as sleeps is.


Just remember that the system is marked by a computer program. It’s often best not to be top creative with your translations. In any case, they want to test whether or not you know what “sleeping” is, not “asleep”.


Soo att means that now too thats not confusing at all

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