"Varför äter din moster sköldpaddor?"

Translation:Why is your aunt eating turtles?

November 25, 2014



Why does duolingo swedish kill so many turtles? RIP sköldpaddor

November 25, 2014


Maybe duolingo Swedish does not like turtles? :D Though, it's better than duolingo German where one man has 9 brothers or 10 sisters, or duolingo Spanish where you find corpses on the beach on every day basis :D But it is fun learning this way a whole new language :D

November 26, 2014


This is the saddest episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles yet :(

April 17, 2016


I thought this was "Why are you eating your aunt's turtles?" Would that be "Varför äter du din mosters sköldpaddor?"

December 17, 2014



August 17, 2015


Could just "turtle" be acceptable? Normally you say, "I am eating chicken." Not "chickens".

August 2, 2016


No, because the word "sköldpaddor" is plural. The sentence can mean that she eats turtles but not right now.

December 11, 2016


Could I say : "Varför din moster äter sköldpaddor?", like the V2 rule would not be an obligation here because the sentence after "Varför" can go normaly?

December 11, 2016


Even without the varför, that is if I wanted to say, "Does your aunt eat turtles?" the question would still translate as "Äter din moster sköldpaddor?" *Varför doesn't affect the sentence structure at all; rather it's the V2 rule that becomes a V1 rule for questions that dictates the word order.

January 18, 2018


It might feel as awkward as it does in English. That would translate as Why your aunt eats turtles?

September 30, 2017


But it doesn't feel awkward when translated to french. "Pourquoi ta mère manges-t-elle des tortues ?'"

November 11, 2017


I think that this is a question. Thus we need an invertion This is not a V2 rule

December 7, 2017


"Why does you aunt eat turtles?" Should be accepted.

September 26, 2018


"Why does your aunt eat turtles?" is accepted.

"why does you aunt eat turtles?" is incorrect English. "You" needs to be possessive in this context.

April 29, 2019
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