"När är du född?"

Translation:When were you born?

November 26, 2014

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Please note: In Swedish, this is said in the present tense and with no preposition. For example: Swedish: "Jag är född 1990" = English: "I was born in 1990".

Edit: also note that if someone is no longer alive, we use var instead.
Carl von Linné var född 1707.
Felix Kjellberg är född 1989.


Yeah, and it drives me a little buggy! I want to translate it "I am born" but I guess they don't want to do it that way. I like to keep seeing the weirdness of the foreign language, not squish it away...


Är du född 1990? Är det sann? Det är väl ingen ålder! :)


Jättebra! Just a tiny little mistake: Är det sant? Den är sann – det är sant.


So it's translated to be past tense even though it's written in present tense?


Yes. English and Swedish works different in this respect. In Swedish, this question is asked in present tense for those still living, and past tense for the dead. English uses past tense more extensively.


So var is past tense of ar!?!


Intriguing! I am learning a Native Californian language. They are using the phrase "where we are born." I'm not sure if that's because there are so few language speakers nobody would know the past tense, or whether there's something else going on. Now, I REALLY want to know!


Can't you actually say "When are you born?" if you are trying to define at what moment a person is consideret born. Same with Swedish "När är du född?" Like starting a discussion on when you would be considered born. :D


I can only picture "When were you born?", "when will you be born?", and "when are you going to be born?". I can not picture it ever being correct to say "when are you born?"... Unless maybe if it were a recurring event: "I am (re)born every year". It is stretching the English a bit far. I think you might use "birthed" or something there, instead.


I was referring more to the question of when one is consideret born. The question would be, "When are you actually considered born?" or in short, "When are you born?". Don't know if I'm explaining what I mean well enough, but how else would one ask that question? (:


If I understand your cryptic logic correctly, it would be När anses du/man vara född? in Swedish and maybe 'When are you considered to be born?' in English.


This is an old comment I know, however I often hear people say “When are you born?” as another way to say “When is your birthday?”


A: “I like getting presents for my birthday” B: “Oh when are you born?” A: “December!”

Maybe it’s just an Australian thing, I don’t really know. But “when are you born?” is a much more direct translation for this Swedish sentence, and it widely accepted (at least in Australian English)


Jag är född 24 december 2004(?)


När är du född? Femte Maj. Vilken år? Varje år!


this question always messes me up because in Chinese nar is where and i cannot get it through my head that it means when


Why not: when have you been born?

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