"Flickan har smörgåsar."

Translation:The girl has sandwiches.

November 26, 2014

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Under what pluralization rule does this fall? -as isn't covered in the notes and tips on the Plurals page.


On the plurals page, you can see that single-syllable en-words get -ar or -er in plural, with -ar being more common. This is probably how smörgåsar has formed plurals due to the -gås part being a one-syllable word.

Smörgåsar is kind of irregular in that it's regular. Formed with the word gås having the irregular plural gäss, smörgåsar however has become a regular en-word getting the common plural -ar.


The pitch accent on smörgåsar has me confused; it sounds like each syllable has a descending tone, but I was under the impression that the grave accent only has two peaks. Is this a fault of the TTS?


Ive noticed when the AI voice pronounces "smörgåsar," the "s-" in the beginning of the word has a "sh-" sound. This isn't the case upon clicking on the word; only when the entire sentence is read. Is this just an inaccuracy, or should "s" be pronounced "sh?"


The s sound should be pronounced as a sh-like sound here because it comes after an r. In most spoken Swedish, r and s melt together to form this sound everywhere, even over word borders.


I have the same question!

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