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"He is my boyfriend, I am his girlfriend."

Translation:Han er min kæreste, jeg er hans kæreste.

November 26, 2014



This is so heteronormative.


It's nice that the word is non-gender-specific, now I can speak about my (theoretical) kæreste without revealing that I am gay :D


Kæreste literal translation = dearest. Fun fact.


When can you use "sin" instead of "hans"?


We use "sin" when the object refers to someone mentionned before, you can think it with "own" he drinks his (own) water = han drikker sit vand she drinks his water = hun drikker hans vand Also "han drikker hans vand" , means that the man doesn't drink its own water but the one of another man.


that is because does make sense to me, I am already get it.


These are 2 independent clauses that require the conjunction "and" between them for a proper translation into English. I am assuming that the Danish as written is correct without the conjunction "og".

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