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  5. "Hvad spiser du?"

"Hvad spiser du?"

Translation:What are you eating?

November 26, 2014



I managed to translate this as 'What is eating you?'


That would be: "Hvad spiser dig?"


Is it ok if I say, "Hva' spiser du?", not emphasizing that soft d in hvad? Because I always hear it from danish people, you know they also have slangs :-)


My mom is a native Dane and does not emphasize the soft D either on this. Hearing the soft D is weird for me!


Haha, me too! So that is also how I pronounce 'hvad'. :-)


To my ears, "hvad" sounds sort of like "vel" or maybe "vail". The soft D seems to be pronounced more like an L than an actual D.


It is. When I see a d now I don't even try to pronunce it, I say l, or just d, depends of the place in the word. And it is not what the others don't understand. Here, i say "val spiser du ?" but I write "Hvad spiser du ?" If people think I am some sort of foreigner trying to speak danish, well, they are right.


Please could somebody confirm whether the "h" in the combination "hv" at the beginning of these question words is silent?


I believe it is. H often seems to be silent in European languages, although German and Dutch are notable exceptions.


The H in Danish isn't usually silent, it's just silent in words starting with "Hv-" and "Hj-" (there might be other times it's silent, but these are definitely the most common examples)


Thank you very much for that clarification. Have a lingot.


Thank you very much, that's very helpful - please have a lingot.


Yep they're silent.


OMG...Hvad is hard to hear and say...only tough skilled tongues here X-)


Why is "spiser" in front of du?

Oh boy... word order!


It's because the word order changes in a question. Happens in English too.

Indicative mood: You are eating / Du spiser Interrogative mood: What are you eating? / Hvad spiser du?


Why doesn't this sentence need "er" ? like you have "Hvem er du?" or "Hvad er det?"


Because in Danish 'You are eating' and 'You eat' are the same thing - Du spiser. The same is for most European languages.


I wrote what are you eating and it said I was wrong why?


You shouldn't have been marked wrong for that - unless you were answering an audio question. In which case, you're supposed to type what you hear, not translate what you hear (I've done this on a few occasions myself). If it was a written question though, you should report it.

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