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Incorrect flag level in discussion posts

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Three days ago, I made this discussion post: https://www.duolingo.com/#comment/5612749$comment_id=5625436

I'm asking the same question again, with more info, and with the subject "Troubleshooting," hoping that will garner a response from the site staff.

For some reason, I had signed up for the Spanish-to-French course—perhaps through my accident or experimentation (in addition to Spanish-to-English)—and finally deleted it several days ago. I wonder if that is related to my errors with the flag icons. I am still taking the Eng-to-Sp and Eng-to-French courses, but my French flag doesn't show up in my discussion posts (usually not, but recently not at all).

Can you please troubleshoot and fix this? I don't want to reset my French level, tier, and XP. Thank you.

EDIT (a minute later, 10:49 PST, 25 Nov 14): Naturally, the moment I post this, my flag shows up in another discussion where I hadn't seen it for days.

November 26, 2014



The flags have been buggy since the release of Dutch back in July, so it's not completely on the course addition. But, adding different combos can change it up because the points are allocated differently. Staff knows, but there is no fix at this time, unfortunately.

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More weird behavior: To try to force a change, I signed up for the Spanish-to-French course again and progressed to level 2. Since then, my flag has been showing up, but as level 3. It should be level 9, which is my highest French level (English-to-French). EDIT: And the moment I post this, the French flag shows up as level 9, the correct level, for the first time in about a week!

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2 Dec 14: For the last few days, I have been seeing my French level flag at one above my actual Spanish-to-French level (currently 4), but it's several levels below my actual English-to-French level (currently 9). Arrgh.


In my case all the flags appear correctly at first, but when I check the post some time later the English flag always shows up as level 24. Weird stuff!


This problem was there 6 months ago and now it is about the same :/ , they don't show my german flag :/ and shows a wrong level to french :/

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