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  5. "Den röda mattan"

"Den röda mattan"

Translation:The red carpet

November 26, 2014



Why is 'röda' used instead of 'röd' when carpet is singular?


Because it’s the definite form of röd, since you have mattan in the definite, röd also has to be in the definite if it comes before it (as in this case). You can read more about it in the Adjectives 1 skill.


When describing a definite noun, the adjective gets -a.


I was just wondering how on Earth do I know the word matta already. This happened before with some random words. And I realised it's because of...my grandma's quirks, I guess! Living in Sweden influenced her badly enough that she now uses some kind of a mishmash of her native tongue and Swedish when speaking to people who don't speak Swedish (such as myself), apparently teaching them a few words along the way! So, if you're asking yourself why am I exactly posting this, it's because: beware, you never know with grannies, they all bear a tendency to become unintentional superheroes...


matta is also a Latin word for 'carpet' so we're not alone :)


Good point! But now, we can only imagine the hidden power of Latin-speaking grandmas :)


Is the English mat an acceptable translation for the Swedish matta?


Mat, rug, carpet, hey are both applicable. If the carpet covers the entire floor it is usually referred to as "heltäckningsmatta", literally "all-covering-carpet".


Yes, ”matta” can also be smaller like a ”mat”. However, in this context I believe ”the red carpet” is a fixed expression.


In British English 'carpet' is one covering an entire room; whereas a rug tends to be a small, moveable section of material usually used on hard floors.


Not just in British English; that's true in American English too.


So in swedish you have to say "The red carpet the." That's what I'm seeing, right?


It's called double definiteness, but you could even call it triple, since in fact the form röda also shows that it's definite. :)


Is the "m" in "mattan" pronounced as a "v"? Seems kinda weird.


It is not. I only hear an [m] sound.


Does this also have the meaning of Hollywood/movie stars etc?


It isn't used to refer to the actors themselves, but definitely about that red carpet they often walk on.


Bör "That red rug" inte accepteras? Tack så mycket.


'rug' is OK instead of 'carpet', but 'that red rug' is den där röda mattan.


Duolingo also accepted, "The red rug."


Speaking of "Den röda mattan", and reading here some explanations about the article Den, the plural or definite form of adjective röda and the difinite noun mattan, it occurred to me in my mind that the Swedish author August Sringberg wrote a novel titled "Röda Rummet".

Now I am just wondering why there is no article "Det" in front of the adjective röda and the nous rummet, if I try to follow the description and function of the Swedish grammar. Tack så mycket.


You're right, but it's being treated as a proper noun, as it's the name of the room rather than a description of it.


Why use Den instead of En ??


Because it is the red carpet not a red carpet.


In brittish English they say mate or something similar to carpet


"mat", yes. The word "mate" means "friend", "buddy", etc.

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