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  5. "Téimid chuig áit."

"Téimid chuig áit."

Translation:We go to a place.

November 26, 2014



Am I the only one hearing téimid a chuig ait? Cause that made no sense. Another case of the new voice overs pronouncing stuff much better but speaking too fast and not enunciating each word


I also heard téimid a chuig áit


I agree, speaking too fast


I also heard a sound between "téimid" and "chuig"

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You are hearing her release the remaining air after the terminal plosive /dʲ/ in téimid.

Try saying "odd" in English - you finish by releasing the flow of air. Normally, if there's another word immediately after, you don't hear that release, but in this case she hesitates just long enough for you to hear it.


I put "We go there." I guess it the difference between "a place" and "that place"? Would "We got to that place." be "Téimid chuig an áit sin."?


pretty sure you've got the difference


Would you more likely use chuig here, or go dtí?


I was also wondering this. 'téimid go dtí an phictúrlann', for example.

I have read that 'chuig' is used for people and events, 'go dtí' for places (when the definite article is involved) and 'go' with places when no definite article is involved.


What's the difference between chun and chuig?

[deactivated user]

    See chuig and chun

    chun is followed by the genitive case.


    I typed "we go somewhere" and it counted it as wrong... Is there a difference?

    [deactivated user]

      Somewhere is áit éigin.
      We go somewhere = Téimid chuig áit éigin.


      Thanks, I suspected it was something like that!


      What would "we go to his place" be?

      [deactivated user]

        Literally it would be Téimid chuig a áit but that doesn't seem natural. Irish is more specific than English so
        Téimid chuig a áit chónaithe or
        Gabhaimid chuig a áit chónaithe
        would seem more natural.

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