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"Der er meget koldt udenfor, jeg henter flere tæpper."

Translation:It is very cold outside, I will fetch more blankets.

November 26, 2014



Why is it "der er koldt" and not "det er koldt"?


Both would be equally correct. "Det er koldt" is a subjective feeling relating to the person, whereas "Der er koldt" is more objective. A person could say; "Jeg fryser. Det er koldt" relating to the person him/herselvf feeling the cold, but would say "Der er koldt i Sibirien" based on the knowledge that it is a cold place in general.


Is It common to use the present instead of the future? Tak


The future tense is implied, so there is no need to be explicit about it.


Er "It is very cold out." også rigtigt?


I'm not completely sure but I don't think this would be right because "udenfor" means "outside", not "out".


Why am I being marked wrong for saying, "I will fetch several blankets" when both "several" and "more" make perfect sense in this sentence?


Because the sentence in danish means that you already have some blankets, and now you are going to get some more. If you use several, the corresponding sentence in danish would be something like: “Det er meget koldt uden for, jeg henter mange tæpper”.

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