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"Ik vraag me af hoeveel dit kost."

Translation:I wonder how much this costs.

November 26, 2014



Would "I ask myself how much this costs" work, too? It seems fine to me.


the verb is afvragen = to wonder, not vragen.


"To ask oneself" means the same as "to wonder"


Thanks, Nierls. I totally didn't realize that until now. Makes sense.


What is function of 'af' in this sentence?


It's a part of the separable verb "afvragen".


Would "I wonder how much this is costing" work too? It seems correct English to me.


Present Continuous doesn't really work here. For general properties of an object or a person (e.g. temperature, size, price etc.), you should use Present Simple:

The stove feels hot. The painting costs a lot. The box has the shape of a cube. The dog stinks; it needs a bath.



I learned that the "af" should go at the end. It is correct then to say " ik vraag me hoeveel dit kost af"?


Nee, dat kan niet. In een zin als "Ik vraag me dat af" komt "af" wel aan het einde van de zin.


I think this is a great question. For example, if you look at the Dutch Grammar page at http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=WordOrder.02 this indicates that the prefix of the phrasal verb should proceed only the infinitive verbs.

In this sentence, however, there are multiple finite, intranstive constructions (i wonder & it costs). Anyone have the word order rules for sentences like these?


Okay I've asked my Dutch teacher and told me that in this case we have a subordinate, and the prefix of the verb should always be put in the same sentence as the verb, so: [ik vraag me af][hoeveel dit kost]. The prefix should always go at the end -- of the sentence.


Actually, it goes before the subordinate clause, not at the end of the sentence.


Not a native English speaker, but wouldn't it be more correct to translate it as "I wonder, how much does it cost?" I.e. with an auxiliary verb.


As a native English speaker :), I would say your suggestion is in good English, but you have split the translation into two main clauses. It would not be wrong, therefore, to write "I wonder! How much does it cost?" or better, use a semicolon, as in "I wonder; how much does it cost?" However, semicolons are mainly used in formal writing. Most people would use a dash, as in "I wonder - how much does it cost?"

I'm definitely not an expert in Dutch, but the given translation is in very good English.

I hope you find this useful - if a little pedantic!


Can I ask this sentence to a clerk like in English, to inquire about price?


Yes you can, but normally you would just ask "Hoeveel kost dit?". The sentence "Ik vraag me af hoeveel dit kost" is usually a question to yourself or your partner, not the clerk.


thanks a lot, that's helpful. Otherwise I would be like a stupid man murmuring to himself in the counter, toch?


No, you really can use it at the counter. It is an indirect way of asking but we Dutch like the direct approach ;-) It is not as common to say to the clerc as "Hoeveel kost dit".


That is a great help, thanks a lot


Although, in theory, you could use it in a shop, I have never heard it. Dutch speakers say "Hoeveel kost dit?" or "Mag ik vragen hoeveel dit kost?


Is this a singular item ? If so i put in cost rather than costs but this is marked wrong but actually better english.


This costs a lot of money is present tense and this cost a lot of money is past tense. The Dutch sentence given is in present tense so your English translation should be aswell.


I wrote the answer exactly this way, but it was marked wrong.

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