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Struggling a little with structures/rules/word use

First of all, thank you for the wonderful course. And thank you to all of the people who are asking questions, or answering mine (however inane). I am totally the mature student who is asking for clarification all the time, and asking a gazillion answers. Sorry, but it really helps me!

Second, I would love for there to be some way that it could be built into course notes or something - sentence structure. We're starting to get more complex sentences, which we're learning, but I'm not really understanding in what order you form sentences, especially when they differ from English. To help us form our own, we really need the underpinning rules to understand - i.e. "ater inte" "eat not" instead of "do not eat".

The other thing is in colo(u)rs, we've learned vitt, vit and vita, but each time they're given just as "white", without explaining when and why you use each one. Luckily I follow the comments and discussions almost religiously, so I saw someone explain it's to do with the en/ett/pleural word usage. Could this be explained in notes somehow?

The other thing is - a course word glossary would be really helpful, if one exists. I'm taking words and meanings down as I learn them, but I'm noticing upon taking modules repeatedly that there are occasions when I've passed things without learning words that came up upon redoing the module, or in "strengthening" - so it appears there may be a few bugs. It'd be great to have a resource with all the words and meanings in one place, although I know it's a huge undertaking - I thought perhaps you might already have this somewhere.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

thanks for all the hard work, patience, and magic!

EDIT: I must say that just by going a little bit further, into the lessons on prepositions and conjunctions, the things I'm struggling with have started to be explained. Excellent!


November 26, 2014



Colours are just adjectives so the rules for adjectives apply. They are explained here https://www.duolingo.com/skill/sv/Adjectives-1 (and have a chart: http://mygraphs.tumblr.com/post/12884028984/swedish-adjective-declination-data ). The word glossary seems a beta things, non-beta courses have it.


Your link to the Duolingo explanation does not work for me. Perhaps this is because I have not gotten anywhere near that skill? I had been wondering if it was possible to look ahead in a course if someone gave you a link....


Thank you both for the information, I'll have a look. I haven't got to Adjectives yet, but am working my way down! In colours for example, in three slides in this lesson, I've been shown that blå, blått and blåa are both blue, with just "blue" as the dictionary hint. I'm sure we could draw conclusions based on previous rules for en, and ett words, but what I mean is that for a new learner, it's confusing that you're being given three different spellings of the same word, without any explanation of what the difference is or when to use them. It would be really useful to have that in the course notes.


There will likely eventually be a Words tab, where all the words will be listed and defined. However, at least some of the Beta courses don't have this yet as they are still ironing out other details.


Duolingo has never been an all-encompassing course, nor do I think it is meant to. There are a lot of resources bouncing around in the forums that are worth looking at to supplement Duo. The posts from svenskasanna tend to be fabulous site mines, such as this one. Here's a really good thread too.

More fluent speakers: is this dictionary a solid one?

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