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  5. "Använder du kanel?"

"Använder du kanel?"

Translation:Do you use cinnamon?

November 26, 2014



Kanel should have the stress on e (kanél).


A French loanword? :) In French it is canelle (read exactly like in Swedish).


Yep. In portuguese it is called "canela".


I honestly do not hear any difference between Använder du kanel? and Använde du kanel? (except when played slowly). Should I just deal with this? How do Swedes distinguish between present and past tense with these kinds of verbs?


Still would love to see this answered. :)


I've been given it some thought and I'm reasonably certain there are tiny nuances in how people pronounce them - BUT I'm not at all certain that these are discernible in ordinary speech. Honestly, context and guesses sound like the most likely approach.


I type the right translation but this is not accepted... therefore I keep losing hearts !!!


Hi Marilyn, I see you left an error report, which is great! That means I can help. Your report says

Do you use cinammon

So you have two typos in "cinnamon", that's why it wasn't accepted.

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