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Feature Request: Mark translation as wrong and suggest new one

I have felt dejected a couple of times now after translating a "real world" sentence of a document and getting less then 50% for my translation. I admit, sometimes there were better translations possible, but I also found translations that were terribly wrong (and just not right when looking at the context). But I could not do anything about it as the the erroneous translation was taken to evaluate and rate my translation. And so I only had the chance to "Try another sentence".

Example, from "Algunas empresas lo hacen mejor que otras":

Puede ser que la base ha subido mucho anteriormente y hace su 10% parecer bajo. Puede.

I was asked to translated "Puede." knowing that the sentence above it was translate as "Could be that earlier [...]". So I translate it as "Could be." which has no commonality with "It can"/"can"/"He can", the translations I was compare to.

So my request would be to add a link/button, like the one use inside the lessons, to suggest a new/better translation that was reject by mistake.

October 16, 2012


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