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why duolingo shows the words Bhean and Fhear and Bean and Fear inside? tks

November 26, 2014



I guess what your'e talking about would refer to how lenition is used.

"Bean" is a feminine word and "fear" is a masculine word. On they're own they normally look like that but when used with an article feminine words (starting with a consonant) are lenitioned so now bean is "an bhean" ( if it starts with a vowel nothing changes). Since Fear is masculine & starts with a consonant it doesn't change with an article (if it starts with a vowel a t is in front of the word instead, like in "an t-uisce").

That's all you have to worry about for now, but soon you'll see nouns regardless of gender will be lenitioned after certain possessive pronouns (my/mo, your/do & his/a - "do fhear cheile). There's a few other times you'll see lenition, like in questions, but I'm figuring it out more through intuition so not really fit to explain it beyond that. Plus it'll just be too much at this point.... Check the tips along the way, they'll help you get grip on it.

It sounds insane right now, that's because it is, but as overwhelming as it can be you will learn to get the hang of it.


tks. But look at the begining of lesson one, there you will find Bhean and Fhear. after that try to do this lesson and you'll see only the words bean and Fear. I have started other Irish course and there they use Bhean and Fhear. I thing the Bhean and Fhear at the begining of the lesson one, should have changed to Bean and Fear.Please go there and see what i am saying ) (remarks, You must already have noticed that i am not a native english speaker :) )


Yes, the words listed on the Basics 1 page for Lesson 1 show bhean, fhear, and mbuachaill, although one might have expected bean, fear, and buachaill respectively instead. I agree that showing their unlenited and uneclipsed forms there would be clearer than showing their lenited and eclipsed forms.


thanks all, i have had many doubts yes, but now i know how to begin

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