"The man reads its newspaper."

Translation:Mannen läser dess tidning.

November 26, 2014

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I am confused what this sentence actually means. In english I would say the man reads HIS newspaper. Wouldn't 'Mannen läser hans tidning' instead of 'dess tidning' be more appropriate, since the man is a person and not an 'it'?


It doesn’t refer back to the man, then it would say ”sin tidning”, instead it’s referring to something previously mentioned that is referred to as ”det” or ”den”, i.e. non-human.

  • ”Katten har en tidning.” (The cat has a newspaper.)
  • ”Mannen läser dess tidning.” (The man is reading its newspaper.)

But it’s an awkward sentence, often you avoid the pronoun ”dess” in speech.

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