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  5. Most difficult lesson EVER !


Most difficult lesson EVER !

I think i deserve at least one thousand lingots for that... (it was really tricky, because sometimes it changed from answer 1 to answer 3...)

Duo Duo

November 26, 2014



One of those nights that seems never-ending?? That's pretty funny!

And the the second one is just trying to tell you in a nice way to please leave. Have you been a bad party guest?


I've had lessons 20 questions long and the're like at the hardest lessons I've done so...


j'ai eu les même bug ^^


On the French forum, our moderator said he told the staff that there is this kind of problem... Now, i don't know if we should report it each time or not...


I suppose now it has been reported they are working on fixing this known issue ;-) In the mean while I apreciate always an extra free lingot ^^


Good news ! It has just been reported as fixed by our moderator... Thanks to the support team !

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