"De wijn"

Translation:The wine

November 26, 2014



De wijn is divine.

...sorry, I had to.


You really didn't. Maar het bier is ervan meer. I don't think my Dutch sentence is any better than yours...


Is that 'but the beer is even better'?


Looks like, 'But the beer is more of it'. I think I was drunk when I wrote that and there's drink taken now. I think I was going for, 'But the beer is moreso [divine]' and matching the rhyme. It's hard to tell really. It's like reading a post by another person, 'Drunker PaCa826187'. Anyway, I was mostly thinking of the French, 'Du vin, c'est bien mais je préfère la bière.'. Thanks for taking an interest in my drunken ramblings anyway, Em.Jayne ;) Just noticed you are young so I should probably say my drinking is sad, not cool.


It's fine. I'm Aussie and 18 (old photo). Alcohol is very relaxed in my culture at my age. and no worries haha


Thank god for that. I was worried I was talking to a fourteen-year-old American and was going to get sanctioned by Duolingo for encouraging children to drink or somethin. Phew.


Am I correct or not in hearing the English 'V' sound in place of the 'W' in wijn? And does this go for every word beginning with W?


No. To make a proper 'w' sound in dutch, imagine saying a 'b' sound, but do not let the lips touch. However, there are native accents in the Netherlands that pronouce the 'w' like the same in English. http://www.learndutch.org/dutch-alphabet-pronunciation/


The description I found on Wikipedia suggests the sound is actually in between the English v and w. Try saying a "v" but with your lower lip further in against your teeth. It will make a "w"-like sound without being the exact same "w" that we use in English (which we produce by pressing both lips together). Hopefully a native speaker can correct me if I'm doing it wrong, but that's how I've managed thus far.


There are plenty of different ways to pronounce the letters in Dutch, especially for 'r' and 'w'. If you do pronouce the 'w' like a 'v' in English, it is okay.


Try saying "wane" and "vine" at the same time... don't know if that'll help anyone but me.


How do you pronounce 'wijn'? V-ay?


Sorry guys for my screenshots. I can't write it in "have different problem?". There is no good way for report about picture lessons, so. Or I don't know about it.






Thanks for letting us know! We are working on adding articles to all the image exercises, so in the meantime there might be some inconsistencies. This will all be sorted out in a day or so.


I thought it was the old errors. Very happy for your course! Het goede werk!


I'm having a hard time repeating the 'w' sound in wine


I'm no native speaker but I imagine as long as it's distinct from V, you will probably be understood.


Is it supposed to sound like the English word "vain"?


I suppose they sound very similar.


Is the new male voice pronouncing it right? Sounds more like "de wen" to me.


He says it correctly, just a bit fast i guess


How are you supposed to pronounce the "j" in Dutch?


Just the 'j', is like the 'y' in 'you'. However, when the 'j' comes after an 'i', it makes a different sound,it's a diphthong. It sounds a bit like 'aye' (or 'eye'), but not quite.

Both 'ij' and 'ei' have in "standard Dutch (the Netherlands)" the same sound, but in Belgium and in Southern parts of the Netherlands, they sound a bit different.

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