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  5. "Zij is een goede vrouw."

"Zij is een goede vrouw."

Translation:She is a good woman.

November 26, 2014



When do you use zij and when do you use ze?


Oftentimes, "zij" is used to provide emphasis:

  • Waar is Mieke? Ze doet de afwas. -- Where is Mieke? She is doing the dishes.
  • Wie doet de afwas? Zij doet de afwas. -- Who is doing the dishes? She is doing the dishes.

They are generally interchangeable, however. When not emphasising, "zij" can provide a more formal feel than when using "ze". Most people would use the latter in this scenario, at least where I live.


How can you tell the difference between 'ze' and 'zij' when spoken? I hear absolutely no difference.


The vowel sound of 'Ze' is shorter than 'Zij'.

It's like she (ze) and shee (zij)


Why vrouw here is wife instead of woman?


Because in Dutch vrouw could be refered to for both a woman and a wife


How do you pronounce goede, is the d silence?


No, you can check wiktionary for the IPA's (words written with the international phonetic alphabet). But be mindfull of the notation of g sounds. I ve seen errors. (Though many sources about /x/ and /ɣ/ contradict eachother as to what they would stand for. And some articles/sites talk about the difference between /x/ and /x/ while I see the same symbol twice! So far the rest have checked out so it is still a good place to check the IPA just disregard what it says for g's)

heardutchhere.net/DutchPronunciation.html#CH might help you with you pronounciation aswell. All sounds are explained.


Just tried the website you recommend and it doesn't exist.


Its a fun and games until she shows her true colors


I wonder why Duolingo Dutch tends to use the emphatic form of pronouns in its sentences.


Zij vs ze is stressed vs unstressed i think

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