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  5. "Zij is een goede vrouw."

"Zij is een goede vrouw."

Translation:She is a good woman.

November 26, 2014



When do you use zij and when do you use ze?


Oftentimes, "zij" is used to provide emphasis:

  • Waar is Mieke? Ze doet de afwas. -- Where is Mieke? She is doing the dishes.
  • Wie doet de afwas? Zij doet de afwas. -- Who is doing the dishes? She is doing the dishes.

They are generally interchangeable, however. When not emphasising, "zij" can provide a more formal feel than when using "ze". Most people would use the latter in this scenario, at least where I live.


Why vrouw here is wife instead of woman?


Because in Dutch vrouw could be refered to for both a woman and a wife


How can you tell the difference between 'ze' and 'zij' when spoken? I hear absolutely no difference.


The vowel sound of 'Ze' is shorter than 'Zij'.

It's like she (ze) and shee (zij)


I wonder why Duolingo Dutch tends to use the emphatic form of pronouns in its sentences.

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