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"In Francia hanno oltre un milione."

Translation:In France they have over a million.

July 7, 2013



French speakers- is the pronoun loro in Italian interchangeable with "on" in French/ abstract "they" or "you" in English? i.e. In England, you drive on the left side of the road.


In Italian you can use si + third singular person of a verb. Your sentence could be translated in these ways: -In Inghilterra si guida sul lato sinistro della strada -In Inghilterra guidano sul lato sinistro della strada ( "loro" is the implied subject)

Maybe you could say that the "si construction" is similar to the French one with "on"


No. The word "on" would be translated by either "one" as "one has" or "we" as "we have". In this case, the correct translation is "they".


DL accepted my "In France "there are" over..." the abstract way, I think...


It would be more right In Francia ne hanno oltre un milione


Di cosa ? Se non dici di cosa in italiano questa frase non ha senso


Duolingo is very sensitive to spelling "milione" wrong. An accidental extra "l" and you get the sentence dead wrong.

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