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Please a Japanese section!!! :)

I would love to learn Japanese on this awesome site. Can any one agree?

July 7, 2013



Duolingo is no longer adding languages themselves. They will be giving users the ability to add languages and make courses for them. Thus, Japanese will obviously be come.:) I want to learn it far more than any language.


Japanese would be difficult in this format. There are three different alphabets in common usage, not to mention romanji (latin script). You would have to have drop down boxes for EVERY character in EVERY alphabet for people not using Japanese keyboard layouts.

It would be so much easier to add Romance, Germanic, Uralic and even Slavic languages.


The simple fix is that everyone is prompted to download a Japanese IME and use it in order to do the Japanese course.


I've tried Memrise... I consider it a couple of levels behind Duolingo. Wouldn't have gotten so far as I have with that program.


What is that Memrise thing? memrise.com? I would also like to learn Japanese. Who knows good websites or Android apps?



Awesome! But how about you try out those languages that are currently available first?

The staff is working on a way to have Duolingo users upload different language lessons; or something along those lines (check the reddit AMA for more info :D)


I am trying them I'm learning Portuguese.


With the same effort you learn Japanese, you can learn all the languages currently offered by Duolingo


I am, but you know when you want to learn something in specific? plus I watch a lot of anime lol and I know languages already how is your Spanish doing?


I think a lot of people have asked this already. It may not get put up at all. Even if it does, it will be a long time coming, due to Japanese being written in kanji, romaji, katakana and hiragana. If you want to learn Japanese now, many of my friends have praised this website called Memrise. Apparently it's almost as good as Duolingo and would probably be a good place to go in the interim.


Thanks a lot looks really cool!! :)


I agree. It's why I came here, it's the only language I want to learn right now. But I'm doing the French course to help out with beta testing.
I know the written Japanese is a problem, but couldn't we use the English alphabet for input, like a phonetic script, even though we'd be reading it in kanji etc? I just saw the last reply, about Memris, I will try that


I'm looking for something similar to the app Human Japanese but online.

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