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  5. "Do you have enough?"

"Do you have enough?"

Translation:An bhfuil go leor agat?

November 26, 2014



There is another exercise that translate :Do you have enough? as "An bhfuil do dhóthain agat?". So, are 'do dhóthain' and 'go leor' synonyms. ?


They aren't synonyms. They overlap in meaning in this particular usage, but you can't use dóthain in a phrase like ceart go leor.


Can anyone explain what different sorts of contexts go leor and dóthain might be used in? Or are they basically synonyms?


What purpose does do fulfill here?


Same question as freymuth what purpose does do fulfill here


This took a while, but I think I got it; the sentence literally translates as "Is your enough at you?"

I presume that the English could also be "An bhfuil bhur ndothain agaibh?" (but would certainly like corrections if needed).


How come go leor was wrong in another question which insisted on a dhóthain? Presumably here an bhfuil do dhóthain agat?


It's literally "is your sufficiency at you". In this sentence "enough" is "your sufficiency".


...somehow this entire discussion, on the mobile app, 21 july 2020, is associated with the sentence 'an bhfuil go leor agat', where one is asked to build the Irish answer out of a supplied list of words. No 'do' nor 'dóchain' in the list.


There is more than one way to say "Do you have enough?" in Irish. Obviously, a "tap the words" exercise can only accommodate one of those options at a time, but the fact that you were presented with a list that included go an leor doesn't mean that this exercise "is associated with an bhfuil go leor agat?" , it means that Duolingo decided to present MichelTreCaffe with a list of words that included go and leor this time.


ah - so another time the same exercise might give me another set of words to translate with? I didn't know that.


Would - an bhfuil go leor agat - also work?


go leor when used like that doesn't have the meaning "enough". According to the FGB entry: an bhfuil go leor againn ann means like "Are there enough of us" (using ann as the existence "there" - see An bhfuil Dia ann (is there a God?)). The phrasing here is literally "Do you have your sufficiency?"


This question accepts an incorrect answer, then. I couldn't for the life of me remember do dhóthain agat, so I tried go leor agat for the heck of it and made it through.


that's what is given here, in question form, as the translation of this phrase.


Doesn't the "do" change it to "your" enough?


this isnt the right answer. i read it as "do you have alot?" " do you have enough?" to me translates as "an bhfuil dothain agat?" or something along those lines. ive got the connemara cannuint so maybe its different in the book irish.


This IS the right answer. An bhfuil do dhóthain agat? is an alternative answer, but even in Connemara Irish you need the possessive adjective with dóthain.

Do you read ceart go leor as "right a lot" or "right enough"?


I was just explicitly told by Duolingo that "An bhfuil go leor agat" was the correct translation after I tried to use the "dhothain" construction, albeit incorrectly.


You were explicitly told by Duolingo that An bhfuil go leor agat was the correct translation because An bhfuil go leor agat? means "Do you have enough?". An bhfuil do dhóthain agat? is an alternative answer.


In a similar exercise I've just done, the use of go leor was marked wrong - Níl a dóthain aici. She doesn't have enough. It was explained then that go leor was an adjective so needed a noun to describe - eg 'go lear airgid'. I'm carefully trying to learn this point so please tell me if I've got it wrong!!!


go leor can be used as a pronoun as well as an adjective.

Leor is an adjective.


Thank you! I will give this more thought! :)


I thought dóthain was enough?


Dóthain is a noun meaning "a sufficiency". It can be used with a possessive adjective as an idiom that means "enough" - "you have your sufficiency", "you have enough".


In a previous part of this module Tá go leor agat translated as You have enough, so why is it wrong to say An bhfuil a dhóthain agat?


a is a 3rd person possessive adjective, agat is a 2nd person prepositional pronoun - you can't have his dóthain.


I don't get it: what is the difference between using go leor as meaning enough and a dhóthain as meaning enough.

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