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  5. "English is difficult."

"English is difficult."

Translation:Engels is moeilijk.

November 26, 2014



"Nederlands is niet moeilijk"
"Engels is moeilijk"

I see what you did there


He's right though. English is my first language - and even I think it's hard!


It depends on how you see it. My first laguage is Spanish, and I see English has got an easiest grammar, it is really easy. It also has got many latin words like Spanish. But Dutch pronunciation is much easier than English. Maybe you're right in this part: irregular verbs and phrasal verbs in English are are a pain in the ass for foreign people.


The grammar isnt that hard, but some of the spelling... it just doesnt make sense.


but neederland, omg..!


I was in Netherlands and I was really surprised that they were all fluent English speakers and their accent was really good. Some of them even were talking in English with each other. On the other hand it is an amazing country, I started learning Dutch when I came back from Netherlands because I simply fell in love with the country and its people.


Thats exactly what happened to me. Fell in love with Netherlands and friendly people there.


Yeah. Dutch people seem to not care at all about their language... I sometime wonder why I am trying to care about their language for them.


If you went to Spain... I guess 0.01% of Spanish people speak fluent English. Most people don't even speak well their own language, so why talk about a foreign one?


i seen a statistic that said 81% of dutch people speak fluent english up from 62% in 2000...and probably the rest are small children, people too old to learn or people that still understand it to some extent


Good data. I've heard Dutch people talking English, it's incredible. And the ones I saw sounded like American.


The data you gave might be a reason I am giving up Dutch.... cuz Nederlands is moelijk..


Is it hard? Now Im curious...


You don't realize, but English is pretty easy compared to most languages. Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean. They are all harder than English


You're write, I tell you 'cause I'm a Spanish speaker and I'm learning other languages. But, believe me, English pronunciaton is hard. It depends from which language you learn it. Imagine how hard is for Spanish speakers to get the vowel pronunciation: English has got 12 monotongue sounds, we've got only five.


its easier for people who watch movies with subtitles instead of overdubbing


What about Arabic? I find that to be the hardest language that I have even bothered studying.


No i dont agree, for most other people thn americans german or spanish or french is a lot easier than english.


All I can do is smash the keyboard aiming for some semblance of Swedish 'möjligt' and hope to eventually get enough Dutch in there to get it right.

Ironic, because remembering moeilijk seems to be entirely NOT möjligt and way too moeilijk! :(


Jag också har samma problemet, eftersom jag talar svenska bättre. Det är särskilt svårt eftersom moeilijk är närmare till svårt än det är till möjligt. Också, moglich är närmare till möjligt än moeilijk, så det är svårt att kommer ihåg...


There is Dutch "mogelijk" -- that is the cognate you're looking for.


is there a difference between moeilijk and zwaar


Zwaar is more about mentally of physically draining, moeilijk more about intellectually challenging.

E.g een zware wedstrijd (a hard/tough match), een zware test (a hard test), het was zwaar om het boek te lezen, het duurde te lang (it was tiresome to read the book, it took too long), een zware verkiezingsstrijd (a tough election battle).

And een moeilijke test (a difficult test), het was moeilijk om het boek te lezen, ik snapte er niks van (it was difficult to read the book, I didn't understand a thing).

Also zwaar can mean physically heavy.


Does 'moeilijke' connote complicated, as well? Or is there a different word for that?


You can use moeilijk it for complicated as well, or you can use ingewikkeld.


mo-e-i-l-i-jk... too many vocals :) It remembers me of italian "aiuola"


I think Dutch is harder. It could be because right now I'm strengthening basic adjectives and still struggle with "geen oude melk" and "een oud boek", etc. even though I'm in level 12.


Can you say "Het Engels is moeilijk"? I know "het" is used with languages sometimes but don't know the rules for it.


I believe English is difficult, but compared to Chinese, no. Compared to Dutch? Yes. Dutch, so far to me, has been very consistent with their pronunciation with vowels and consonants. Maniac and maniacal, for example, are pronounced may-nee-yak and muh-nuh-yeah-kuhl. English has a very inconsistent vowel pronunciation which is very irritating, even for me as a native English speaker.


Meh. I like English. But then again, it's my first (and only) language, so I don't really know.

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