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  5. "Que filme vocês estão vendo?"

"Que filme vocês estão vendo?"

Translation:What movie are you watching?

November 26, 2014



Why can't this be "What film are you seeing?"?


Also right. Just report.


"What film are you seeing?" is something you might ask people on their way to the cinema when you want to know what film they are going to watch. I believe the Portuguese asks about the film they are currently watching. Are you saying that it actually fits both cases?


No, so TheDeeplyBroken's suggestion is not suitable in this case.

Thanks for the correction.


Thank you for your helpful reply. Don't think of my remark as a correction because I'm sure someone will disagree with my interpretation.


I thought vendo means selling and vindo watching


You form this version of the verb by removing the final '-r' of the infinitive and adding "-ndo" which gives:

  • "vendendo" from "vender" (to sell)
  • "vendo" from "ver" (to see)
  • "vindo" from "vir" (to come).

This is one of the few Portuguese rules that doesn't have an exception (well, you do need to remove the accent from "pôr" and its derivatives). Note: "vendo" is also "I sell".


Thank you for your help! Now I understand. I think i got also confused by the fact that vendo can have two different meanings.


Neste caso, têm diferenças entre usar "que" e "qual?"


Here they used "Que filme" for "what". What's the rule about when we should use "O que" or "Que" or "Qual" etc. ?


I just found this link in a precedent comment from David.

Qual = Which one Qual + noun = which/what + noun Que + noun = which/what + noun O que = asks for definitions/explanations

So if I undersant correctly, if there is a noun just after, I can use just "Qual": what car is yours? what party are you going? etc. (maybe my English is bad here and I should use "which" in my examples)

But if there is no noun after, I must use "O que": what do you do? What is your name? Etc.

Am I correct or am I oversimplify it? ;)


Is there any difference between assistir and ver for watching? I've known to be assistir, this is the first time I'm coming across ver as a way to watch something.


When referring to something on TV, you can use both.

  • Estou vendo um filme.
  • Estou assistindo a um filme,

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Why is it "Que filme..." and not "Qual filme ..."? In the earlier comments I read "Qual = Which one Qual + noun = which/what + noun Que + noun = which/what + noun O que = asks for definitions/explanations" but I found this a little confusing.


Both "que" and "qual" are correct here.


What movie are you people watching ? (is it wrong ? Cause I'm not a native speaker ) ,,I used" people" instead of "all " but duo marked as wrong -_- any one can explain this to me ..thank you :))


The correct direct translation from PT is just "you", without "people" or "all" or anything.

Your sentence has the same meaning, but it's not a proper translation.


What film are you seeing? Still not accepted February 2020


Whats wrong with"what film are ye watching"

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