Has anyone else noticed that when you do a practice session, it will sometimes bring in words you've never used before?

For instance, I was just practicing pronouns, and it brought in bits of negation and even time. I have started learning time, but not negation so why does this happen?

October 16, 2012


Yes, many people commented on that. I think it happens because duolingo randomly picks phrases from a set, without looking if they contain things you have not encountered.

it seems to go by level as well, the higher level you have, the more likely you will have new words randomly, because you're more skilled and can handle it theoretically.

Do you guys use the "test out" feature on the skill page? If you do it’s likely that you run into new words in practice because we assume that you know all the words of that skill.

I did indeed. I finished both German (near native speaker) and French (grammar school). In general my problems were not new words, but the impossible translation choices made by duolingo. Getting new words sprung on me is more annoying in Spanish because I am really learning that as a new language. On the other hand: I have a good dictionary.

To me it seems like Duolingo is forcing you to move on from one area to the next. I've deliberately not used Duolingo as often as I did 2 weeks ago and as a result I've still not 'mastered' time, but have done Verbs 3.

Having not even started family etc, it was already throwing in various family members into Verbs 3 learning. Now I have gone back to Time and not only am I getting family but also ages and numbers - admittedly not hard to work out - but frustrating because all I want to "revise" is Time and Dates.

It's like Duolingo says "No you've been on this too long, have a new challenge lol". Which would be okay if I had started the lessons on them but I haven't so...whatever.

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