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  5. "La manifestación"

"La manifestación"

Translation:The protest

July 7, 2013



Protest, demonstration, etc should all be accepted


Demonstration is accepted as well now.


I absolutely agree. I am not sure why protest was not accepted.


The protest is accepted now


In multiple choice, "the protest" was the only available translation. My how times change


In an ideal society they would all be accepted and even encouraged.


Accepted, yes. But it's better if there is no necessity for them (thus no reason to encourage them).


Should "rally" be accepted as well? As in a protest "rally".


No bc a rally is not aways a protest.


if i have not forgotten my english lessons, the usual world for Manifestación in English is : demonstration


Is manifestation how the British say demonstration or protest? Just trying to figure out if this is a cognate--certainly not in American English. Gracias.


No. I would say demonstration or protest.


I would think ghost or aparation for the English word manifestation, so I was glad I was just spelling from the audio


Some translations are easier if we keep in mind the subject under discussion. In this case, the phrase appears in the politics section. I got zapped on the minister earlier because (as usual) my mind was in a fog and el clero was the first thing that it brought up. Apparition in Spanish would be aparición, and ghost could be a number of things such as fantasma or espíritu. If you look up manifestación on Google or anywhere online, I could not find an instance where it was used in the sense of a ghost or apparition, though in English we hear it that way a lot.


Yes, ghost. Does it not have the seemingly obvious translation of manifestation?


It's a partial cognate. Something is manifest if it's evident, or obvious or can be demonstrated. So a Manifestation is a demonstration, just that in this case a political protest is not the same type of "demonstration" that we think of for the English "manifestation".


In England we would say demo. I suspect same in US


To help me remember this, I think about how: "Manifestos often go hand-in-hand with protests."


How is the phrase used in practice? If I opened up a newspaper in Bogota and the lead story is about a protest would the headline be "La Manifestacion!"? If it was a rally is it the same?


I do not understand, it is incorrect "strike"


"Huelga" = Strike But "demo" should be accepted as it is a the usual British term


"March" should be accepted as well. In American English, a "march" in the streets by a group of people is the same thing as a protest, or a demonstration.


Maybe it's just that I'm a native English speaker, but I feel like the hints given are pretty far from the best translation for this. Am I correct in that assumption?


The instruction is to "write in Spanish".


I agree with other comments, you should accept the demonstration as one of the correct answers. It is a synonym for protest.


Sometimes you call an answer wrong for including the article, and sometimes you call it wrong for omtiing the article. When the word is out of context, Duolingo should pick one and be consistent.

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