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What language(s) are you learning? What do you want to learn in the future?

No, no, this isn't a post on what languages we want Duolingo to help us learn. I'm just wondering what the users of Duolingo are learning and want to learn. Sorry if there was a post already like this one. :) For example, I'm learning: Norwegian, Czech, Spanish(mainly b/c of school), German, and French I want to learn in the future(in no specific order): Finnish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Swedish

July 7, 2013



I'm learning German. Ever since I was young I cherished my German Ancestery and always wanted to become fluent.


I'm learning Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian. I would like to learn Catalan, Indonesian and Chinese (Mandarin).


I'm learning Japanese, German and just started French and Spanish there. This site is just awesome!


Swedish, Spanish, and Italian(duolingo)


Latin, Spanish and French. I want to learn Swedish ;)


I am learning Spanish! And I am trying to learn Korean. I can't wait until east asian languages are added! I would also like to learn japanese, chinese, and tagalog.


I'm learning French. But would like to learn Italian and get a head start on school by learning some Spanish.


I would really like to learn Thai and Filipino

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