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Issue with Dutch speech recognition with numbers.

In lessons where words for numbers are used, and it requires you to speak a sentence correctly, I've come across a bit of a problem.

The speech detection converts the numbers into the actual numbers, not the words for numbers, making it impossible to get these right.

Anyone else having this problem?

November 26, 2014



Yes! I thought it was just my poor pronunciation, but I can get most of the other words right, and there's no way that negenentwintig sounds like twenty nine. Very, very occasionally I'll get the words spelt out, but it seems to default to numerals for the voice recognition (which it then doesn't accept as correct answers).


I came all the way here just to see if anyone else had a problem with Dutch number recognition. That makes sense that it’s translating to the numerals. I figured there must be a glitch when it’s always numbers I mispronounce.

Duo, please fix this!

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