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  5. "We run on the road."

"We run on the road."

Translation:Rithimid ar an mbóthar.

November 26, 2014



Níor glacadh le 'ar an bhóthar' ach tá an leagan sin lán chomh ceart agus atá 'ar an mbóthar' de réir an CO.


Sin aisteach. Glacann Duolingo leo i gceisteanna eile.


Sráid would work too?????


Sráid is "street", bóthar is "road". They aren't synonyms - while some streets are roads, not all roads are streets.


I think he's having the same questiom as I am, but I have no idea what he is saying. Could you tell me why both bhóthar and mbóthar are accepted? Is it dialectic?


Yes. Ulster Irish lenites after prepositions with the definite article, rather than eclipsing.


GRMA! On a sidenote, don't you think it would be easier to propagate the use of Irish outside Ireland if there were a standard dialect?


Not only outside Ireland. But the supporters of individual dialects don't want to see their dialects replaced by a single, synthethic, standard Irish, and complain that "standard" Irish is undermining their dialect because that's what young people learn in school. So the "standard" has been diluted somewhat to take account of those concerns, but it's not an ideal situation.


It seems rather strange to me that Latin, a dead language, enjoys more popularity than even Irish, a living one. Surely there must be some way to bring back the language to its former glory, instead of a language with a limited number of users.

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