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NEW!: My android device listens to me speaking danish !

Hello All,

Today, my tablet and phone (both androids) started to recognise my ackward danish and put it into written words. The first sentence had nothing to do with steps of different sizes for me and mankind but:

"Jeg vil gerne have en buket blomster"

... And the screen - amazingly enough - reproduced my words!


<pre> Javier </pre>
November 26, 2014



Nice! keep it up, It seems to be a nice idea I'm gonna try it out as well.


Just two or three days ago I saw google translate had a microphone icon in the danish input (something previously missing) but It didnt seem to work properly. I know Google was implementing that feature because I read some ads demanding native danish speakers to help with danish TTS, but it seems to be here finally !


It also works on the Google.dk website!

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