No audio

I struggle with the exercises quite severely because my hearing is poor, but I found three questions in the last exercise (numbers) that had NO AUDIO. Since nothing was said, it is impossible to correctly answer the question. One has no chance of getting a heart bonus if three questions are unanswerable in each group. This is even more frustrating than my lack of linguistic talent.

November 27, 2014


Sorry about that. That's certainly not intentional. Do you remember which sentences they were? If not, please give us a more detailed report next time, so we can get to the root of the problem.

I never believed that the missed audio was intentional For most questions without audio I submitted an error report using the "report problem" button on the question page. I was hoping that each one I submitted would be flagged so they could be easily found by the development team. The bulk of them were in the early lessons relating to numbers.

I had problems with audio not loading today. It was an on and off problem. Would be nice if Duolingo had a status page.

I run into audio problems too at times. Usually I keep clicking on both buttons and eventually I get sound, but once in a while I skip the entire question because there just is no sound to be had. It's frustrating, especially if you're doing well, but then again, having to repeat the exercise just helps you to retain the new language better. Whatever you, don't give up.

If your hearing is poor, you could go into your settings and turn off the listening exercises - this ensures you lose no hearts if there is no available audio or if you feel like the audio is too unclear to understand. Whilst it lessens your ability to understand spoken language, it will make it easier for you to pass through lessons without worrying about the audio screwing up :)

Thanks for your suggestion, but I am trying to train my ears to understand the Dutch language. I go to the Netherlands at least twice a year, and Skype with friends there who have wonderful English skills. My biggest problem is going to a Dutch party in Holland at which some people speak only Dutch. At such events, 95 percent of the chat is conducted in Dutch. I feel a bit left-out at these moments; I'm trying to do something about that.

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