"I cook in December."

Translation:Jag lagar mat i december.

November 27, 2014

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I just love the multiple choice questions: Jag lagar knivarna i december. :'D


Hm, would this mean i fix knives in december?


"the knives", but yes. :)


Does "lagar" always require an object?


Can anyone please explain how to distinguish whether to use 'i' or 'pa' before the words that denote time spans? Thanks!


Yes, I am also interested when to use "i", "på", "om". "In 15 minutes" is "OM en kvart"


So we cant just say : Jag lagar i december ? we need the mat ?


Yup, lagar needs an object. I wrote some more about it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5892480


Why is "i december lagar jag mat" not accepted? Is it correct?


I mean, it's fine but why are you flipping the word order?

"I december lagar jag mat" is "In December I cook."

"Jag lagar mat i december" is "I cook in December".


Any clue why it's not "i december jag lagar mat"? It seems like they used that construction in another sentence. Am I imagining that?


"I december jag lagar mat" doesn't make sense. You can use "I december lagar jag mat". This is because Swedish is a V2 language http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V2_word_order#Continental_Scandinavian_languages:_Swedish.2C_Danish.2C_Norwegian.2C_Faroese


So if I understand correctly, SVO is only valid at the beginning of the sentence. If you modify the action before the subject, you must switch to v2 (Verb-subject-object.) And it isn't necessarily a question, correct? (I thought v2 signified questions.)

Thanks for the pointer. Interesting article; my head hasn't swum like that since... that one book in high school, that nobody should probably be reading. LOL.


Note that in a sentence with only subject, verb and object we automatically get SVO and V2, "Jag lagar mat".

As you say, as soon as we put something else in front, we have to change the order, "Igår lagade jag mat".

A question is different though. I can't answer that but I know that it breaks V2, "Lagar jag mat?".


V2 just means that the verb must always be in the second place.


Could I use the term "Jag kockar i december"


Would it be grammatically correct to say, "I december lagar mat jag."?? like "I september sjunger jag mycket."?


No, the word order changes, to verb, subject, object. Verb is "lagar" (=prepare), subject is "jag" and object "mat" (=food) comes at the end.


In a normal standard sentence, if you put something other than the subject before the verb, then the subject is generally the very next thing after the verb. "I december lagar jag mat" would be a correct sentence.


So "cook" is "lagar mat" if no food is specified, but otherwise it is just "lagar" like "lagar fläskkött." Is that correct?


Yes. To be clear, lagar always requires an object so it's never just lagar by itself.


If it was "lagar mat" then it supose to say "I cock food in december"


lagar on its own doesn't mean anything with food - you need lagar mat for that. But "cook" in English always means food if not clearly indicated otherwise by context, so "cook food" is redundant.

Also, you "cook" food, you don't "cock food".


My answer was correct


Could på be used here? "Jag lagar mat på december" Why/Why not?


It's just the wrong preposition - there's no other reason, really. Swedish prepositions for time and place are notoriously arbitrary.

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