"Kvinnan och flickan äter soppa."

Translation:The woman and the girl are eating soup.

November 27, 2014

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I am not a native English speaker so sometimes I translate something wrong because of my imperfect English. In this sentence I wrote 'eats' instead of 'eat' and the system marked it as an incorrect answer, not typo. I have done this same mistake before because I don't know when the verb should be with 's' and when without it. Is this really so significant mistake that it had to be incorrect answer instead of typo?


It's not really up to us... I mean, sure, obviously it's a typo and you're here to learn Swedish, not English. But the way the typo system works is that you're allowed one misspelling per word - as long as it doesn't turn into another word. That's usually a sensible approach, but it can be annoying occasionally. Either way, it's just how Duolingo works and we can't affect it in the Swedish course.


I eat. You eat. He/She/It eats. We eat. They eat.

Since it is "The woman and the girl", it counts as a "they".


Wow u r good at english


Not a native speaker either, but I think so, yes. What's your native language, if I may ask?


Just guessing here since my Finnish is terrible, but I think it could be compared to saying: Mä on ruotsalainen. (oon would be expected here, right?)

Anyways, I think duolingo marks it as wrong since both "eat" and "eats" are actual words. If you were to write it "eatt" instead it might mark that as a typo. But try to take this as a chance at getting better at English instead :)

The rule btw is to use "-s" for he/she/it and without "-s" otherwise. In this case we have "The woman and the girl" who we would call "they", so no "-s" -> "They eat soup."


Your example in Finnish language was correct even though it was spoken language, not standard language.

Yes, you may be right. It really should be marked as a wrong answer even though I was not here to learn English but Swedish. But yeah, this really is good change to learn English also. Thank you that you taught this rule for me.


Thanks, and good luck!


Change the website to the language you speak and tap the USA flag and learn English :)


When I learned "talar svenska" I was told that since the s follows the r, svenska is often pronounced shvenska. Why isn't this the case here?


Blame it on the TTS. It should, as you say, be pronounced with a retroflex "s" similar to English "sh".


It's more like either way is fine. :)


I've never heard anyone say Shvenska


It's not uncommon when following a words that ends in an r.


Do swedish peoole really refer to the soup consuming activity as eating? Sounds so weird to me.


Yes, it's perfectly natural in Swedish. :)


Huh? In germany and other languages you also say it like that.


Dont you say "eat soup"


Why does it take "The woman and the girl ARE EATING soup"?


That's also accepted.


I noticed "och" is pronounced [o] when used in a sentence, but [okk] when it is alone. Is it correct or my ears cannot hear sth?


You're right: it varies. People tend to pronounce the k sound when speaking clearly or formally, and sometimes for clarity - especially if the next word starts in a vowel sound.


why does it have a hard time hearing me say och


its pronounced like "o"


I only had to mess up the grammar with the verb, writing 'eats' instead of 'eat' and the whole sentence was flagged as wrong. Wouldn't mind having to learn swedish with my own language not another one.


The typo system generally allows one typo per word as long as that doesn't result in another word.

"eats" is grammatically incorrect, and lots of our users want to improve their English while learning Swedish. Accepting incorrect English would be doing them a disservice.


"I wrote the woman and the girl eat soup "was informed incurrent!!


This happened to me too. It was marked incorrect, and I can't see why. I'm going to report it.


Do you eat soup? Or do you drink it?

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