"En smörgås"

Translation:A sandwich

November 27, 2014

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I just want to point out that at least here in the south of Sweden, no one under the age of seventy says 'smörgås'. We say 'macka'.

The only exceptions are in words like smörgåsbord (buffet) and smörgåstårta (tårta means cake; it's a common thing to eat at for instance christening parties (it's easy to make lots of); it's basically white bread in layers with fillings (hence 'tårta/cake') that can vary a lot but usually has smoked salmon and shrimp, or ham and roast beef, with lots of vegetables and often mayonnaise to keep it from getting dry) In those cases you can NOT say macka. Macka is just ordinary sandwich.

We also use more specific words (which are borrowed), like baguette and toast. Bun is called bulle or sometimes fralla.


I had to read your explanation of "smörgåstårta" twice before realizing it's identical to what we call "voileipäkakku" here in Finland.


Adults in the Stockholm region certainly says smörgås at times. Don't know about the kids though, maybe they stick to macka.


I'm five years late but I find this advice very weird. My relatives in Scania use smörgås all of the time. My relatives in Småland do as well. My son's kindergarten teachers here in Halland, where I reside at the moment, tell me he's eaten either smörgåsar or mackor for mellanmål interchangeably.

I agree macka is more common, but claiming that nobody in the south under 70 says smörgås is just really wrong.


Haha a 3 year old kid corrected me once when I asked if he wanted one more 'macka'. You dont say 'macka' he said. The correct word is 'smörgås'..... okay, I said. :'D


i try to remember the word s'more than the word smörgås


To type the "å" hold ALT and type 0229 on your numberpad

To type "ö" = ALT + 148


How do you pronounce Å, Ö and O ? I also find Ö in mjölk and smörgåa is not same.


I don't get the difference between O and Å though.


It's very confusing for me too. Check out this website: http://www.forvo.com/word/sm%C3%B6rg%C3%A5s/#sv


Im unsure about clicking the link.... Is it safe?


Nvm i just checked it out. Thanks


I hear an [L] sound in smörgås. Is this correct, or is the audio off?


The audio is off! No L in smörgås :)


why En? Isn't it have to be ett smorgas? like ett barn or ett apple. because we don't know the gender.


This is why i need a tutor. Duolingo doesn't explain these things.


And in spanish you have to conjugate based on gender uf ut ends in a or o. Bht i dont even know whrn it vomes to sweden


It's correct with "en smörgås" Unfortunately, Swedish has very few rules for en/ett sometimes it does not make much sense (animals are supposed to be "en" but you say "ett lejon"). Also some words can be both. Like most people would say "en apelsin " but in the far south, you can hear "ett apelsin" because apelsin is an old shorthand for "äpple från kina".


I'm probably just confused but whats the difference between ett and en


If i ever try to talk to someone in swedish im going to sound so stupid. Facepalm.


Ö in bröd VS ö in smörgås: why different pronunciations?


There is o that soundd like oo in english and o that sounds like oh. This is just my opinion but it might be something like that???


Why it is not accepted substitutions of umlauts like oe,aa? It is handy to type En smoergaas - isn't it ok?


Because it's not umlauts in Swedish, like they are in German. They are considered their own letters. If you write smoergaas, basically no one in Sweden would find it acceptable, and most people would not understand why you're doing it.

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