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  5. "En wanneer?"

"En wanneer?"

Translation:And when?

November 27, 2014



en wanner and out the other


When would "wanneer" be used as "if"?


I noticed En waneer and also En? Hoe gaat het? Is this a Dutch habit, much as English might ask, "Well? How are you?" or, "Well? When are you going to do it?"


Irish people often insert and at the start of a question when speaking English. And did you see yer wan last Sunday? Scaldy eejit! (Did you see that woman last Sunday? Disgusting idiot!) Why the and? Because the Irish language uses an "interrogative particle" (an) to signal a question. "An bhfuil tĂș?" (Are you?) becomes "And are ye?" in English. I wonder if Dutch every had a question particle?

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